“Your Business Ally in Latin America”


Alliance Latam is a Canadian leading consulting firm specializing in business
development in Latin America

Our solutions are offered to entrepreneurs, exporters or investors wishing to:

  • Take advantage of our expertise, networking and business market knowledge to succeed in Latin America Markets.
  • Reduce business development costs and time.
  • Develop business in any Latin American country that benefits of trade agreement or any member of the Pacific Alliance, using it as an international business platform.

Ingrid Cespedes
Founder and International Business Manager
Experience in Market research, financial risk modelling and International Business Development.
International experience identifying and developing new business opportunities in Mexico, Colombia and Canada. Her background conducting market research makes Ingrid an excellent asset for companies that are looking to succeed in Latin America.

Thierry Gras Chouteau
Business Development Manager, Asia-Pacific
Expertise in market research, strategic planning, financial modelling and business development.
His international experience in North America and Asia-Pacific allows him to have a deep understanding of commercial and institutional specificities in both regions and to provide to his clients a clear framework for a successful international expansion.

Juan Diego Montoya
Business Development Manager, Asia-Pacific
Technical and managerial competencies in marketing, strategy, supply chain management, logistics and processes. His international experience in Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, France and Canada within the automotive and distribution industries makes Juan an excellent advisor and counselor for companies willing to set up and grow in South America.

Mauricio Cacciavillani
Business Development Manager, Chile
Project manager specialist, holding a PMI Certification.
His international experience in Argentina, Chile, Peru, France and Slovakia within the materials, IT and construction industries as well as his background as entrepreneur, give Mauricio an outstanding expertise to help business to plan, grow and exploit all its potential in new markets.

Alliance Latam is always looking for international experts to join our projects in different industries in Latin America.
Please send your cv to talent@alliancelatam.com

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